Are Record Labels Still A Necessity

In Today’s Music Industry?

With more and more new acts

trooping with some barging their way

into the music industry on a daily

basis and the established one

currently roped in legal battles with

their erstwhile labels, it was about

time for this question to be asked.

There is no denying the fact that

record labels provide artistes with

a security blanket that can not be

belittled or pushed aside. They ensure

the distribution, promotion, studio

session, shooting of videos with

sometimes the best of the best in that

area and so on and so forth. However,

when you delve deeper into the belly

of these deals, it only becomes clearer

that after scrimping and making sure

you are heard in what could only be

termed as a whisper, finally giving

rise to a forced single (on the artiste’s

part) and maybe 2 minutes video

where you are pushed around by the

director who feels he is doing you

a favor, you realize, your bank

account still has the same three zeros

just perfect to make a mickey mouse

head. Truth be told, everyone is in it

to gain financial freedom and